Who are Gametraders?

Gametraders is an Australian owned video games and pop culture retail chain of licensed stores specialising in new and pre-played games, consoles, games,accessories and pop culture

When Gametraders founder and Managing Director Mark Langford opened his first game business in 1998, he couldn't have imagined how much things would change.

We've gone from ColecoVision and IntelliVision, to Sega and Nintendo and beyond.

Today, Gametraders  licensed stores sell a combination of new consoles and games alongside classic systems and accessories. As gamers have developed tastes for hard-to-find collectables and classics, Gametraders has evolved its product range to give gamers what they want. We trade new and old, retro to recent. Between our stores, we stock the entire history of gaming.

Gametraders stock the entire history of gaming in one single location including all your favourite retro games and pop culture products along with the newest gaming releases


 Gametraders has evolved with gaming and pop culture. Our stores offer amazing experiences including trading card events, tournaments, cosplay events, game events, game and anime previews and much more. We love connecting with gamers, cosplayers and anyone who's into the same pop culture as we are.

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