Interested in working as part of the Gametraders Group?


Gametraders stores are all franchised, meaning you'll be working for the owner of the store you work in, and you'll also be part of the larger group.


We generally get very large numbers of applicants for any positions that arise, so our process begins online.



Step One is to head to our careers portal, which can be found here.


Step Two:  Make yourself a log in, and apply for any positions which interest you.  


PLEASE NOTE:  An 'Expressions of Interest' is not an open position which we are hiring for.  


We will always have 'Expressions of Interest' positions open, which will allow you to register your interest even though there are no positions open in that area.  When a position does come up within your area, the Franchise Owners will look through applicants who are registered under their relevant 'Expressions of Interest' position, as well as other direct applicants for the position.  These positions are refreshed regularly, so you may need to re-register your interest.  This helps us stay current and up-to-date with everyone interested in working for Gametraders.


Step Three: Keep your details up-to-date.  Come back and update your applications if your resume changes, or your details need updating.



If you have any queries, please get in touch with us via email, here.